Integrating Through Art: Music Event in Espoo city showcases talents of Immigrant Artists

During the event, an Indonesian traditional musical instruments were played. Photo: Suomen Somali Media

Espoo – A cultural music event held in Espoo on this weekend showcased the talents of the immigrant artists through Music highlighting how arts is essential when it comes to integration, bringing together songs, traditional music, culture and dance from various backgrounds. The event was held at Sello library.

The program, entitled, “Comedy for integration and Talent Art”, was financially supported by Espoo city council and attracted more than two dozen people from 15 different nationalities and immigrant artists from Africa, Asia and Europe.

The event attracted at least two dozen people among them from 15 cultural backgrounds. Photo: Suomen Somali Media

David Okelo, Director of African Network Development on Sustainable Economic Activities – ANDSEA ry highlighted “the event was presented songs, narrative stories, traditional ways of doing the music, while some of them displayed artistic talents of making things.

“The reason why we organize this program called Comedy for integration and Talent Art is to showcase the talents that we have in us can be exposed, they can be used for the good of the community to reinforce, to enhance and to promote integrity” David Okelo, Director ANDSEA ry said, adding that the program will continue in the next four months.

Some of the participants of the event in a group photo. Photo: Suomen Somali Media

Present was Espoo City Council member Abdirahman Mohamud Ali who commended the excellent work ANDSEA ry is undertaking, a program that plays critical role in community integration. On the other hand, Mr. Ali declared his candidacy to contest the next city council elections next year and urged his supporters to vote for him.

The artists who performed at the event include Jason Jeff & the trio, Jeff Ninjer Okello, Jarvis Musundi – JARVATS, Indonesia Finland team among other artists.

During the event, Somali author Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim Xildhiban presented new books intended for children. The books will be showcased at Espoo Book Fair in the coming week.

Finally, David Okelo, Director ANDSEA ry thanked Espoo City for their generous support.