Suldaan Said Ahmed, first Somali-Finnish Politician to join Finnish Parliament

Photo courtesy: Suldaan Said Ahmed/facebook

Helsinki 28.6.2021- Suldaan Said Ahmed will become the first Somali-Finnish to join the Finnish parliament, calling it an opportunity to work toward better Finland, Suldaan Said said in a facebook post.

Suldaan Said Ahmed is a member of Left party and Helsinki City Council and thanked everyone who has supported over the years.

“As I am writing this post, I am sitting am traveling on train to Turku and I am entirely speechless with jubilation.” Suldaan Said Ahmed, a member of Left Party and Helsinki city council said, “It is a great honour and privilege to get into Parliament and to work for a better Finland, Helsinki and the world.”

Suldaan’s entry into parliament came after Silvia Midig who is currently in the European parliament decided to remain in the EU parliament.

Suldaan will replace Paavo Arhinmäki who will become the deputy mayor of Helsinki.